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Présentation de imou life

Notre agence de développement d’applications est fière de présenter notre dernier projet, l’application imou life


Cloud Storage

Your data is safer, the recording will be kept in the cloud even your camera or SD card is broken or stolen.

Imou Protect provides you with unlimited space in the cloud server for 7 days or 30 days, no matter how big the files are. No worries about important information lost when SD card storage is not enough.

The down streaming speed is faster from the cloud than directly down streaming from the SD card, more fluid experience is guaranteed.

Enhanced AI Detection

Based on the supercomputing power in the cloud, Imou Protect can provide more than 200 times¹ the computing power of the built-in chip for all cameras. It also can amplify the object types that can be detected. With elevated accuracy, you won’t be bothered with fales alarms.

*Ehanced AI Detection is not avaliable in Vietnam and Russia.

Share Device to More Users

Share your device control permission with more family members or friends, with Imou Protect, you can share the notification, cloud recordings, and even device management with up to 20 people², make sure that your property or loved ones have all round protection and bring peace of mind to everyone.